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My Other Science Blog: Science Quick Picks

Science Quick Picks is a typical cut-and-paste blog, which I maintain as a sort of bookmarks collection of interesting science news and resources and share with my readers. Science Quick Picks has now around one thousand posts and some of them are quite popular. On the restart of Triple Point I leave here links to some of the most recent and to some of the most popular posts:

Most Recent:

Most Popular:


The lists of blogs on the left column have been updated. I’ve removed some Chemistry blogs that haven’t been updated for a long time and I’ve added to Other Blogs some new blogs. Another section that will start now is Links of the Month, in which I will highlight the most interesting sites from all that have been reviewed in Ponto Triplo/Triple Point.
Finally, as you can check on the left, I’ve created a new blog for mainly (but not only) Chemistry-related news, in a “quick links” format called… Quick Picks. I hope you enjoy it.