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My Other Science Blog: Science Quick Picks

Science Quick Picks is a typical cut-and-paste blog, which I maintain as a sort of bookmarks collection of interesting science news and resources and share with my readers. Science Quick Picks has now around one thousand posts and some of them are quite popular. On the restart of Triple Point I leave here links to some of the most recent and to some of the most popular posts:

Most Recent:

Most Popular:

Visions of Science 2005

Another year, another excellent collection of photographs about the Science behind the simple things in Nature: Visions of Science Photographic Award. From the site: ‘So, what is a Vision of Science? To the judges of the Awards, a Vision of Science is an attention-grabbing image that gives new insight into the world of science and the workings of nature. It may show something never seen before, it may explain a scientific phenomenon, it may illustrate scientific data or it may simply be an image that shows the beauty of science.’

Science Toys

Learn how to make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles. Some examples: a plastic hydrogen bomb (!), building a hydrogen fuel cell, simple heat engines, a film can cannon, a metal that melts in hot water, a Bernoulli levitation ball, the impossible kaleidoscope and much more.