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Table of Nuclides

For those working, teaching or studying Nuclear Chemistry or Radiochemistry, this Table of Nuclides is a valuable resource. Jonghwa Chang, from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, has compiled it. This same table can be found on the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory site. Another kind of data, in this field, can be obtained in the several databases available in the outstanding Nuclear Data Center, from Brookhaven National Laboratory.

PSIgate – Chemistry Gateway

The Physical Sciences Information Gateway (PSIgate) is a portal that gives access to a collection in the physical sciences field, specifically in: Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, and Science History and Policy. In the Chemistry Gateway, the selected sites have high quality. A full description of each resource is provided, together with a range of other information and direct access to the resource itself.

Household Products Database

Which are the potential hazards of the chemical products we have at home? Information about all kind of common use products – for car, for garden, for home maintenance, for personal care, for pet care, pesticides – can be found in the Household Products Database. It is possible to search or browse by brand or by ingredient. A search of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for effects of products is also available.