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The transfer is finally complete! I had more problems than I had expected, but this blog is now ready to function in WordPress. I have yet minor things to do like checking links but the primary task is complete. The site’s structure is almost the same. The main modification is that the best chemistry sites now have their own page named The List. In this list you can find the sites I consider to be the most valuable chemistry resources. All these sites were previously reviewed in Ponto Triplo (my Portuguese blog). You can find some of these reviews translated to English in this blog.
I hope to restart posting shortly. In the meantime, if you detect some errors please let me know. Thanks.


More than one year after the last post, this blog will rebirth in a new home. Triple Point will move from TypePad to WordPress in the next few days. Expect some turbulence. I will post again after setting everything up.

This blog did not close (yet)…

For several reasons, I am not being able of updating this blog as much I would like. I have been making some minor changes, for example, on the lists of recommended blogs. However, no new posts. As I have explained to those who kindly wrote to me asking what was going on, this pause is temporary. There are many things happening in the world of Chemistry in the Internet and I plan to report it here very soon.


After a long-lasting pause I am restarting now the regular updates of Triple Point. In fact, all my time dedicated to blogs has been taken by Quick Picks. In case you haven’t been following this blog, here are some of the most interesting posts in


How Not to Do It: Distilling Benzene
Scientists discover unsuspected intermediates in the chemistry of combustion
Project for the reform of current model of scientific publication in Chemistry and Life
Uncorking the wine
Europe describes future chemists

Many Scientists Admit to Misconduct
NASA seeks answer to life, the universe and everything
DNA pioneer may have genome sequenced

Quick Site of the Day
ARKive – Images of life on Earth
National Geographic Education Guide
Causes of Colors – Why are things colored?
World Lecture Hall
The Museum of Unworkable Devices


The lists of blogs on the left column have been updated. I’ve removed some Chemistry blogs that haven’t been updated for a long time and I’ve added to Other Blogs some new blogs. Another section that will start now is Links of the Month, in which I will highlight the most interesting sites from all that have been reviewed in Ponto Triplo/Triple Point.
Finally, as you can check on the left, I’ve created a new blog for mainly (but not only) Chemistry-related news, in a “quick links” format called… Quick Picks. I hope you enjoy it.