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Green Chemistry

Very recently, University of Oregon experts have created GEM, Greener Education Materials for Chemists, an online resource dedicated to Green Chemistry. The idea is to develop an interactive collection of laboratory exercises, lecture materials, course syllabi and multimedia content that illustrate chemical concepts, important for green chemistry. Still in the University site, the Green Chemistry Center is worth looking.
For those interested in this topic, two good starting points are the ACS’s Introductory Readings in Green Chemistry and the EPA’s Green Chemistry site.

This site provides chemistry, environmental and hazardous materials educational resources including: a detailed periodic table of the elements, chemical database, hazmat emergency response guides, articles on environmental, hazardous materials and chemistry issues, and much more. The idea is that teachers use these resources so that students have a positive learning experience. In the environmental side, the articles about Asbestos and the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster are worth reading.


Now that we know Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yuschenko has been victim of poisoning by dioxins, it is a good opportunity to know better this kind of compounds. A good starting point is Lewis A. Shadoff’s page, All You Wanted to Know about Dioxins. Another excellent source of information is EPA’s page, Dioxin and Related Compounds. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in this site are very instructive.