The Best 55 Online Periodic Tables

Best Periodic Tables Online
Since its beginning, Triple Point has a category devoted to Periodic Tables where I write about the best periodic tables on the Internet. The idea of building a ranking like this begun before the hiatus this blog has suffered. I started collecting URLs of some interesting periodic tables and found myself with a huge list of addresses. My plan was to present a top 10 or a top 20 so I started cutting. My selection was based on factors like content, design, originality and usefulness. At the end I’ve got a list of not 10, neither 20 but 55 great online periodic tables!
I’ve selected periodic tables written only in English or Portuguese, so I intentionally left out many periodic tables written in Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese, for instance. However many ranked periodic tables have versions in several languages.
This is not a final choice. This post will stay permanently open and I expect to update it very often with more high quality periodic tables. More, I would like to hear your suggestions. If you use or know periodic tables that you think should integrate this ranking write to me or leave a comment. Thanks.
So, let’s go to the ranking of the best periodic tables:

The Best

  1. WebElements Periodic Table
  2. Visual Elements Periodic Table
  3. Merck Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
  4. Periodic Table Live!
  5. EnvironmentalChemistry Periodic Table of Elements
  6. The Wooden Periodic Table Table
  7. It’s Elemental – The Periodic Table of Elements
  8. Animated Periodic Table
  9. Interactive Periodic Table
  10. NIST Elemental Data Index
  11. Elementymology & Elements Multidict
  12. Radiochemistry Society Periodic Table of the Elements
  13. Wikipedia Periodic Table
  14. Chemical Elements Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
  15. Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Periodic Table
  16. Genesis Education: Modeling the Periodic Table Interactive Simulation
  17. Eni Generalic Periodic Table of the Elements
  18. Mokeur’s Periodic Table
  19. APSIDIUM Extended Periodic Table
  20. Integral Scientist Modern Standard Periodic Table
  21. Chemi Cool Periodic Table
  22. Visual Entities Periodic Table Applet
  23. ACS Periodic Table
  24. Kostas Tsigaridis Periodic Table of Elements
  25. CRC Periodic Table Online
  26. Michael Dayah’s Periodic Table of Elements
  27. Corrosion Source Periodic Table of Elements
  28. Jalenack’s AJAX Periodic Table of the Elements
  29. David’s Whizzy Periodic Table
  30. IUPAC Periodic Table
  31. WebQC Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
  32. Rembar Periodic Table of the Elements


  1. Periodic Table of Elements in the Ocean
  2. Periodic Table of the Elements with Biological Roles
  3. Minerals Composition Periodic Table
  4. Periodic Table of the Isotopes
  5. Nuclear Periodic Table
  6. Cosmochemical Periodic Table of the Elements in the Solar System
  7. Enhanced NMR Periodic Table
  8. Elemental Spectra
  9. X-Ray Periodic Table
  10. Periodic Table of the Fermi Surfaces of Elemental Solids

In Portuguese

  1. Merck – Tabela Periódica Interactiva
  2. SoftCiências: Tabela Periódica v2.5
  3. Wikipedia: Tabela Periódica
  4. Enciclopedia Universal de Física e Química: Tabela Periódica


  1. Periodic Table of ComicBooks
  2. Poetic Table of Elements
  3. Sci Fiction: Periodic Table
  4. Dartmouth College Periodic Puzzle
  5. “The Elements” song by Tom Lehrer


  1. Idiotic Table of the Elements – Uncyclopedia
  2. Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad
  3. Periodic Table of the Operators
  4. The SU Periodic Table – A Collaborative Photo Project

Further Reading

  1. Dmitriy Mendeleev Online
  2. C&EN It’s Elemental: The Periodic Table
  3. Periodic Table Data Mapping
  4. Origin of the Elements and Formation of the Solar System
  5. Printable Periodic Tables
  6. The Most Beautiful Periodic Table Displays in the World

32 thoughts on “The Best 55 Online Periodic Tables

  1. Michael Dayah

    Thanks for ranking me in the top 55 (26 to be exact), but I would like to request a reevaluation given the 1) dynamic switching between simple, complex, and everything allowed by the checkboxes in the top row and 2) the dynamic state of matter slider. Thanks.

  2. Jorge Goncalves Post author

    Hi Michael.
    Thanks for calling my attention to these features. Are they recent modifications? In any case I will reevaluate this ranking from time to time and then I will take your remarks in consideration. Thanks for visiting, hope you come back often.

  3. Michael Dayah

    They are recent, yes. I’ve added even more since my last comment. Full distinguishing features list is on my About page. Your post ranking me below many pages that were simply image maps inspired me to improve my own. Thanks again.

  4. Mickey Segal

    We’re collecting the “Periodic Table of the Videos”, links to the most fascinating video for each chemical element. If you know of more good videos please let us know using the contact address at the bottom of that page.

  5. James L. Rota

    Hi! I just discovered your blog and thought I would mention a new periodic table (launched June, 2007) called the Rota Period. The Rota Period re-invents the periodic table so that it is based upon being able to see valence.

  6. Beat

    Hello , nice article.

    I was wondering if you or anyone else can help me out ?

    I need a chemistry redox reaction software
    what does the calculations for me.

    Example I type in Al2 + O and the program gives me the result of reaction , balances it & calculates molar masses for me ??

    Is there any this kind of software ?

    If you know any , please contact me.

    Thank you.

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  9. eric scerri

    Interesting compilation of periodic tables!

    For those interested in reading about the historical evolution and theoretical/philosophical significance of the periodic system, may I recommend my new book,

    Eric Scerri, The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance, Oxford University Press, 2007.

    The book was named as an “outstanding academic title for 2007” by Choice Library Magazine. It has been very well reviewed in all major journals in chemistry, chemical education, history of science etc.

    I am interested in hearing comments from readers.

    eric scerri

  10. Lucent

    It’s coming up on the 1 year anniversary of this post. Perhaps a new ranking would be in order to add some new contenders, remove the dead links, and resort the remaining?

  11. Boy Boer


    According to the Best of the Web the atomflowers are the second best PT but
    alas isn’t even mentioned in your list.
    Something wrong with it?

    Eric Scerri’s book about the PT is the best there is.

    Boy Boer

  12. r.c.sharma

    Please go through the following :
    ” Recommended Format for the Periodic Table ”
    Journal of Chemical Education 65 : 1114-1114 , 1988. You can include that also in your list .

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  14. Kevin

    Click on name Kevin and you will see very new periodic table, which is easy to use. Soon all mistakes will be checked. And it will be finished till 2009/09/01

  15. God

    jesus why do people keep making more crappy periodic tables that add NOTHING that other sites don’t have. not just you kevin, but frickin everybody. there’s only like 3 sites up there worth a damn the rest need to just go away

  16. uma

    Thanks for the exhaustive list. I use them a lot while teaching my students. Each with its distinctive features has something different to offer.

  17. jess tauber

    Check out the Adomah 3D periodic pyramid at

    I discovered this same pattern more than 30 years ago, but hadn’t taken it to this level. More recently the site owner and I have been working together, and I’ve come up with a number of new observations, for instance that every other alkaline earth atomic number is the same as every other Pascal triangle tetrahedral number (4,20,56,120..). This supports both the Janet Left-Step PT from the late 1920’s, for 2D, but also tetrahedral configrations of the ‘table’ in 3D.

    Another finding is that the Fibonacci numbers have a coherent patterning within the periodic system, at least for existing elements. Divided into triplets, and applied as atomic numbers: 1,1,2 3,5,8 13,21,34 55,89,(144) (the latter beyond the known elements), the first two numbers of the triplets are all first singlets in their sub-blocks, that is, s1,p1,d1,f1, while the third number of each triplet is the first doubled electron (s2,p4,d6,f8), though the pattern complexifies after 89, and we don’t have any d6,f8 in the pattern so far.

    Still a massive coincidence if only a coincidence. Lucas numbers have their own odd patterns as atomic numbers- for example 29 and 47, copper and silver, are in the same group in the PT- you’d expect 79Au to be next, but you get 76Os instead- the third member doesn’t fit, again, and it IS d6.

    Also, have any of you ever noticed that the ratio of neutrons to protons in the nucleus trends towards Phi (1.6…)?

    Jess Tauber

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  19. Valery Tsimmerman


    thanks for posting a link to ADOMAH Periodic Table web site. The best periodic table is the one that reflects the Periodic System of the elements the best way. It has to be based on objective criteria, such as structure of the atoms and the quantum mechanics. Not only electronic structure of the atoms is important. Nuclear structure is reflected by the Atomic numbers. Therefore, Jess’ observations regarding numerical regularities of the atomic number series and their relationship to the Pascal Triangle are very important and confirm tetrahedral character of the periodic system. This points to the best Periodic table: The tetrahedral one. Mendeleev strongly believed that all two dimentional tables can not correctly reflect the Periodic System. He also understood that he did not have enough information to come up with correct three dimentional system. Well, now we have that information.

    Best regards,

    Valery Tsimmerman.

  20. Bryan Sanctuary

    I think the first thing a chemist does when s/he figure out how to make digital movies is to make a periodic table. They are all over the place and some better than others and some really extensive. However this topic is now saturated and people should focus on making movies and interactive clips to help people visualize science. I have about a hundred for free:
    and there is a periodic table there too!!

  21. Dr. Eric Scerri

    Please see my website for further info and resources on the periodic table. I have published 3 books on the subject with one more on the way.

    For example, A Very Short Introduction to the periodic table, 2011 published by Oxford University Press.

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