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A very special bank…

ChemBank is a place where several databases can be accessed. Still in development, it contains valuable data for an appreciable amount of compounds of biological interest. In their own words: ChemBank is a freely available collection of data about small molecules and resources for studying their properties, especially their effects on biology. It is being developed to assist biologists who wish to identify small molecules that can be used to perturb a particular biological system and chemists designing novel compounds or libraries, and serve as a source of data for cheminformatic analyses. The project is still in an early stage and we will be adding tools and data frequently.

Common Molecules Collection

We hear to talk about substances like cholesterol, adrenalin, penicillin, aspirin, caffeine, nicotine, TNT or vitamin C every day. For those who want to know better this kind of molecules, the Common Molecules Collection is the ideal place. The authors focused their attention on molecules studied in chemistry classrooms but this fascinating collection includes also molecules that might be of interest for the general public. For each molecule, its structure is presented together with some additional information. In this site, organized in a very elegant way, there is also helpful information about crystallography and crystallization.