The Best 55 Online Periodic Tables

Best Periodic Tables Online
Since its beginning, Triple Point has a category devoted to Periodic Tables where I write about the best periodic tables on the Internet. The idea of building a ranking like this begun before the hiatus this blog has suffered. I started collecting URLs of some interesting periodic tables and found myself with a huge list of addresses. My plan was to present a top 10 or a top 20 so I started cutting. My selection was based on factors like content, design, originality and usefulness. At the end I’ve got a list of not 10, neither 20 but 55 great online periodic tables!
I’ve selected periodic tables written only in English or Portuguese, so I intentionally left out many periodic tables written in Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese, for instance. However many ranked periodic tables have versions in several languages.
This is not a final choice. This post will stay permanently open and I expect to update it very often with more high quality periodic tables. More, I would like to hear your suggestions. If you use or know periodic tables that you think should integrate this ranking write to me or leave a comment. Thanks.
So, let’s go to the ranking of the best periodic tables:

The Best

  1. WebElements Periodic Table
  2. Visual Elements Periodic Table
  3. Merck Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
  4. Periodic Table Live!
  5. EnvironmentalChemistry Periodic Table of Elements
  6. The Wooden Periodic Table Table
  7. It’s Elemental – The Periodic Table of Elements
  8. Animated Periodic Table
  9. Interactive Periodic Table
  10. NIST Elemental Data Index
  11. Elementymology & Elements Multidict
  12. Radiochemistry Society Periodic Table of the Elements
  13. Wikipedia Periodic Table
  14. Chemical Elements Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
  15. Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Periodic Table
  16. Genesis Education: Modeling the Periodic Table Interactive Simulation
  17. Eni Generalic Periodic Table of the Elements
  18. Mokeur’s Periodic Table
  19. APSIDIUM Extended Periodic Table
  20. Integral Scientist Modern Standard Periodic Table
  21. Chemi Cool Periodic Table
  22. Visual Entities Periodic Table Applet
  23. ACS Periodic Table
  24. Kostas Tsigaridis Periodic Table of Elements
  25. CRC Periodic Table Online
  26. Michael Dayah’s Periodic Table of Elements
  27. Corrosion Source Periodic Table of Elements
  28. Jalenack’s AJAX Periodic Table of the Elements
  29. David’s Whizzy Periodic Table
  30. IUPAC Periodic Table
  31. WebQC Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
  32. Rembar Periodic Table of the Elements


  1. Periodic Table of Elements in the Ocean
  2. Periodic Table of the Elements with Biological Roles
  3. Minerals Composition Periodic Table
  4. Periodic Table of the Isotopes
  5. Nuclear Periodic Table
  6. Cosmochemical Periodic Table of the Elements in the Solar System
  7. Enhanced NMR Periodic Table
  8. Elemental Spectra
  9. X-Ray Periodic Table
  10. Periodic Table of the Fermi Surfaces of Elemental Solids

In Portuguese

  1. Merck – Tabela Periódica Interactiva
  2. SoftCiências: Tabela Periódica v2.5
  3. Wikipedia: Tabela Periódica
  4. Enciclopedia Universal de Física e Química: Tabela Periódica


  1. Periodic Table of ComicBooks
  2. Poetic Table of Elements
  3. Sci Fiction: Periodic Table
  4. Dartmouth College Periodic Puzzle
  5. “The Elements” song by Tom Lehrer


  1. Idiotic Table of the Elements – Uncyclopedia
  2. Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad
  3. Periodic Table of the Operators
  4. The SU Periodic Table – A Collaborative Photo Project

Further Reading

  1. Dmitriy Mendeleev Online
  2. C&EN It’s Elemental: The Periodic Table
  3. Periodic Table Data Mapping
  4. Origin of the Elements and Formation of the Solar System
  5. Printable Periodic Tables
  6. The Most Beautiful Periodic Table Displays in the World

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