XXL Sized Periodic Table

World’s Largest Periodic Table of Elements. ‘Its impact is huge: it neatly organizes the substances from which all matter is composed. But this fall, in Chicago, the periodic table of elements is going to literally be huge – eight stories tall. The world’s largest periodic table of the elements will be unveiled in Chicago on September 22nd as part of the first ever “Chicago Science Expedition”. The periodic table will be recreated on a grand scale using window space in the Daley Center, a municipal building in downtown Chicago.’

Chicago Science Expedition: Two Weeks Worth of “Wow”!. ‘Chicago is a major center of science and technology. Chicago Science Expedition: Two Weeks Worth of “Wow”! is a city-wide presentation of coordinated events and activities that will highlight how science and technology shape the way we live, work, learn and play in Chicago.’

Chicago Science Expedition Review: What are the most important problems which the science tries to solve? Global warming, harmful influence of mobile phones, space exploration, chromosome theory of heredity… Well, there are really a lot of things to devote your life to. Chicago Science Expedition just offers you the information concerning the problems which seem to be the most important for you. The data which helps you to understand what is going on in this world and whether you should worry about such things or not.

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