(Very Bright) Light Sources

Lightsources.org. Lightsources.org is the result of a collaboration among communicators from light-source facilities around the world. The site serves as a clearing house for light-source-related news, educational material, and user-related information and is updated daily. It provides links to current light-source news from the world’s press, high-resolution photos and graphics from light-source facilities around the world, links to education and outreach programs, information about science policy and funding, a conference calendar, and important facility-related information for light-source users.
What Is a Light Source?
The light sources in lightsources.org are accelerator-based sources of exceptionally intense, tightly focused beams of x rays and ultraviolet radiation, as well as infrared, that make possible both basic and applied research in fields from physics to biology to technology that are not possible with more conventional equipment.’

Valuable resources: Image Bank and Educational Resources for Teachers and for Students.


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