TORVS Services

TORVS (Techniques for Organic Reactions, Visualization and Sprectroscopy) Services. ‘This collection of pages consists of demonstrators and research prototypes for Internet-based chemical information services. The unique feature common to them is that they are providing active contents. This means, they are not yet another collection of links or text pages but interfaces to computational and database services. They demonstrate that it is possible to use the Internet as a computational medium, to access computational methods by WWW browsers – “the network is the computer”, as Sun Microsystems used to say it.’

Highlights: 3D Coordinates for Chemical Structures, Calculation of Physicochemical Properties, The TeleSpec Infrared Spectra Simulator, SPINUS – NMR Spectra Simulator, Biochemical Pathways Database, GIFs of Chemical Structures and NCI Screening Data 3D Miner

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