Top 5 Swimming Pool-Maintenance Apps

Top 5 Swimming Pool-Maintenance AppsProper pool and spa maintenance is an exact process that requires attention to detail on a regular basis. This is why it is necessary for most pool owners to hire a “pool guy” who can visit periodically and ensure the pH levels of the water are properly balanced and the right amount of chlorine is being used. But just as modern technology makes many facets of daily life easier, so too can it make pool maintenance a breeze. And right now some of the best technology to help pool and spa owners comes in the form of mobile apps.

So with that in mind, here are some mobile apps that just may help to put the pool guy out of a job.

HowsMyWater – free, iOS
Those who want to deal with pool issues quickly would do well to install this app. HowsMyWater allows pool and spa owners to keep their water clean and in balance. It does this via the iPhone camera, which can be used to take a photo of any pool-testing strip on the market. The app then provides detailed and easy-to-follow treatment instructions based on these readings.

Pool Doctor — $9.99, iOS
This app comes with a hefty price tag, but that’s because it gives users all the tools necessary to perfectly maintain their swimming pools. All the user needs to do is enter data from any test strip reading and it will then in turn tell the user which chemicals to add to the pool. Those who know their way around pool treatment can use the app to adjust various levels, including chlorine, salt, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and salt.

Swim University – free, iOS
This helpful app aggregates pool and spa info from across the web. Those with the most basic of questions or the most complex of queries should be able to find the answer they are looking for with Swim University, as the app provides extensive libraries of how-to articles and videos.

Pool Calculator — $4.99, iOS
Like Pool Doctor, this app is designed to provide users with all the info they need to maintain the balance of all chemicals in their pools. This app also offers a number of basic tutorials on pool chemistry that should help familiarize users with how a proper pool functions.

Pool Smart — $3.96, Android
Android users can use this app to calculate the chemical needs of their swimming pools. Pool Smart takes the notion of proper water balance seriously, so to that end it offers many tools that allow the user to maintain proper water chemistry. It also comes with a number of calculators designed to help professionals, like pool operators or pool technicians, balance the water in larger pools. The app even provides detailed cost amounts for specific chemicals.

These are just a few apps on the market geared towards helping people maintain their swimming pools. And not only are some of these apps ideal for pool professionals, but all of them can help the novice home pool caretaker to become a pro when it comes to proper water balance and overall maintenance.

About the author: Jenny Willis is a professional blogger that enjoys providing consumers with health and fitness advice. She writes for Royal Swimming Pools, a leading manufacturer of swimming pool equipment.

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