Thomson Top U.K. Research Universities (2001-2005)

Thomson Scientific Ranks U.K. Research. ‘The latest issue of Science Watch, the bimonthly newsletter published by Thomson Scientific, a business of The Thomson Corporation, ranks United Kingdom universities based on both the total number of citations as well as their impact (or the average number of citations per paper) during the 2001-2005 period. Predictably, two institutions dominate: the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford both appear in the rankings far more frequently than do any of the other universities. Based on total citations, the University of Cambridge ranks first in 10 of the 21 fields analyzed, while the University of Oxford took the lead in four of the 21 fields based on the average number of citations per paper. Despite the strong showing, the “Oxbridge” establishment institutions are not the only players in the U.K. research game.’

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