The Physics of Football (Soccer)

Physics can improve your football. ‘As the World Cup draws closer and football fever starts to take over, physicist Nick Linthorne has found out how players like Gary Neville can achieve the perfect long throw-in, which could be crucial in setting up a goal for the England squad. An article, A new angle on throwing, in the June edition of Physics World, describes how the physics of projectiles can be used to calculate the optimum angle at which a ball needs to be released to achieve the longest possible throw-in. The article describes how the optimum angle is much less than physicists previously believed.’

Article: A new angle on throwing (PDF). A long throw-in can be a powerful weapon in football. As the World Cup gets under way, Nick Linthorne explains the physics behind the perfect throw-in.

Daly’s Law of Creative, Attacking Soccer Applies Newtonian Physics to the Beautiful Game: As the world’s top soccer managers, coaches and players get ready for the World Cup in Germany, a new soccer coaching website maintains that the experts have got a central element of their soccer coaching wrong and corrects their mistake with its own scientific coaching formula.

Soccer Physics

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Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics behind the Soccer Ball Design (PPT).


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