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SciAm Observations: Chemistry of Wine. ‘Wine is among the oldest of humanity’s agricultural creations. King Tut enjoyed the red variety and its making stretches back as far as the ancient Mesopotamians (also potentially responsible for beer) and possibly much further. The grape remains the only fruit that can ferment completely without the addition of extra materials and that is because of its chemistry. Yet, despite several thousand years of human development, the chemistry of winemaking still shades more towards art than science.’

Refining wine: Chemists looking to technology to boost wine flavor. ‘ The occasion is the 232nd annual meeting of the American Chemical Society and several of the attendees spent Sunday afternoon extolling the virtues of making better wine through chemistry — even as some organic vintners complain the technology is being used to mass-market wine that all tastes the same. The wine scientists aim to bring the same chemical analysis used in chemical plants, oil refineries and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to make wine manufacturing more efficient, consistent and, of course, more profitable as the industry continues to enjoy burgeoning sales.’

California Vineyard Uses High-Tech Chemistry To Choose Optimum Picking Time For Grapes . ‘A Modesto winemaker is using the latest 21st century analytical chemistry technology to supplement the time-honored practice of tasting a mouthful of grapes to determine when the fruit is ready for picking. The winery has turned to spectroscopy and chromatography to evaluate aroma, color, taste and mouthfeel of grapes.

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