Test (Dipstick) for Caffeine

Coffee, black, decaf and a little llama on the side. ‘Three llamas and two camels have provided a way to tell whether your waiter swapped regular coffee for decaf in your after-dinner cup. Using the heat-resistant antibodies these camels and llamas make, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are developing a quick test for caffeine that works even with hot beverages. The researchers plan to adapt their technology to a simple test (“dipstick”) that can be used to check for caffeine in a variety of drinks. Their research will appear in the June 1 issue of the American Chemical Society’s journal Analytical Chemistry.’

Portable Dipstick to Measure Caffeine. ‘While it might seem strange scientists would think to develop dipsticks to measure caffeine, how they’re making them is even weirder.’

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