ScienceWatch: The Hottest Research of 2007-08

ScienceWatch: The Hottest Research of 2007-08. ‘It’s time again for Science Watch from Thomson Reuters to take its annual look back at the hottest of recent research. The first table below lists the researchers who, during 2008, accounted for the the highest numbers of Hot Papers published over the preceding two years. The second table […]

Journal Citation Impact Forum

Thomson Scientific Launches Journal Citation Forum Dedicated to Discussion About Citation-Based Research Evaluation: From H-index to Impact Factor, Citation Impact Forum Hosts Expert Commentary and Scholarly Discussion About Citation-based Research Evaluation. ‘Thomson Scientific announced on January 8 the launch of its Citation Impact Forum, an online forum promoting scholarly discussion about all facets of citation-based […]

THOMSON: Which Countries Publish the Most Cited Scientific Papers?

Which Countries Publish the Most Cited Scientific Papers?. ‘The May/June issue of Science Watch ranks 13 countries based on published scientific papers that reached the top one percent of most-cited papers worldwide from 1996 to 2006. The United States has produced more than 2.9 million scientific papers over this period, and took the lead in […]

Essential Science Indicators Special Topics from Thomson Scientific

Essential Science Indicators (ESI) Special Topics. ‘The ESI Special Topics Web site is designed to complement Essential Science Indicators in providing citation analyses and commentary for selected scientific research areas that have experienced notable recent advances or are of special current interest. Each topic is prefaced with a description of its relation to the main […]

Top 10 Researchers in…

Thomson In-Cites: Top 10 Researchers In…. ‘For each of the 22 fields below from the six bimonthly periods in 2006, the top 10 most-cited researchers are listed with ≥5 papers published and cited during specific bimonthly updates of Essential Science Indicators. (That is, 10 years plus each successive two-month addition of publication and citation figures, […]