Infographic: The Digital Classroom

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The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance by Eric Scerri

Did a Frenchman beat Mendeleev to the periodic table? ‘Credit for the periodic table of the elements generally goes to Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, but a specialist in the history and philosophy of chemistry says the Russian chemist probably peeked at the work of predecessors. In his new book, “The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its […]


Wikibooks. ‘Wikibooks is a collection of free instructional textbooks that are being written collaboratively by the readers of this web site. As an alternative to the proprietary model used by publishers of more expensive textbooks, Wikibooks uses the GNU Free Documentation License so that anyone may copy, modify, and reuse our textbooks. You can participate […]

e-Learning Guidebook

E-Learning: A Guidebook of Principles, Procedures and Practices. ‘This guidebook will help readers to systematically approach their engagement with e-learning, irrespective of the educational sector or level within which they may be working. The content of this guidebook has been carefully selected to enable readers to consider all the issues in relation to e-learning. Besides […]

What We Can’t Do With a Textbook

The Case Against Textbooks.