Infographic: Teaching With the Library of Congress

Our friends at Best Colleges Online just published this fantastic infographic: Teaching With the Library of Congress, that I also publish here with permission [click image to enlarge].

DocsTeach: Turning Students into Historians

DocsTeach – The National Archive Experience: Find, use, create and share activities using documents from the National Archives. More than 3000 documents are available for use in classroom activities. The National Archives Experience: The National Archives Experience depicts the outstanding national mosaic and tells the stories of the American journey to young and old, scholars […]

Ingenuity Answers Alpha for Biological and Chemical Questions

Ingenuity Systems, the makers of IPA (Ingenuity Pathway Analysis), have just launched Ingenuity Answers (still in alpha version). Ingenuity Answers is an advanced search tool that enables you to quickly and reliably answer specific biological and chemical questions by identifying lists of genes (or other biological and chemical objects) that satisfy particular biological criteria. Ingenuity […]

MendelWeb: All About Gregor Mendel

MendelWeb – An Electronic Science/Math/History Resource for the WWW. ‘MendelWeb was conceived and constructed by Roger B. Blumberg and is an educational resource for teachers and students interested in the origins of classical genetics, introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and the history and literature of science. Constructed around Gregor Mendel’s 1865 paper “Versuche über […]

Hi Fives: Educational Games in Science

Game On: Making Science Fun. ‘“OK class, put away your paper and pencils and start your computer. It’s time to play your video games.” These once unlikely sentences may soon become commonplace, as researchers at North Carolina State University’s Friday Institute work to engage middle school students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) content […]