3 Great Blogs for Science Teachers

Science is not just interesting, but fun. Here are three great blogs that explain and explore science in a way that everyone will find interesting. Things I Won’t Work With This is the blog of a drug discovery chemist as he describes all the most dangerous and horrible chemicals in existence. From chlorine azide, to […]

DocsTeach: Turning Students into Historians

DocsTeach – The National Archive Experience: Find, use, create and share activities using documents from the National Archives. More than 3000 documents are available for use in classroom activities. The National Archives Experience: The National Archives Experience depicts the outstanding national mosaic and tells the stories of the American journey to young and old, scholars […]

Article – Technology Integration: PDAs as an Instructional and Reflective Tool in the Science Classroom

Technology Integration: PDAs as an Instructional and Reflective Tool in the Science Classroom, J.E. Pedersen and E.A. Marek, Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE) [Online serial], 7(1), 2007. Abstract: The role of technology has an increased emphasis in the PK-12 classroom and in the preparation of teachers. The wide support for the integration […]

Very Long Distance Learning

Crew Holds Class in Space, Prepares for Possible Repair Work. ‘The STS-118 and Expedition 15 crews are preparing for a possible spacewalk to repair damage on Space Shuttle Endeavour’s thermal protection system. During the first half of the day, the crew held class in space for students on Earth. Mission Specialists Barbara Morgan and Alvin […]

Hi Fives: Educational Games in Science

Game On: Making Science Fun. ‘“OK class, put away your paper and pencils and start your computer. It’s time to play your video games.” These once unlikely sentences may soon become commonplace, as researchers at North Carolina State University’s Friday Institute work to engage middle school students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) content […]