Exploring Environmental Science

While many people would claim that money, data, or food are our most important resources in the world – none of that matters without a world to house them in.  Environmental science has far-reaching consequences for man’s survival, and explores many facets of the world in which we live.  Currently, there are scientists studying many […]

Sometimes it is Rocket Science

You know how some people whip out the tired line, “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to [bake vegan cupcakes]”? Wouldn’t it be nice to say, “But I am a rocket scientist.” Aeronautical or aerospace engineers have that satisfaction. According to Wikipedia, aeronautical engineers work with the kind of aircraft that don’t break […]

What A New Space Race Would Accomplish

With NASA struggling to stay alive and the world mired in economic trouble, interest in astronomy, cosmology and other space-related sciences seems to have waned in the public eye. Yet, the knowledge we glean from space research can help us with practical applications here on Earth, as Huntingdon Life Sciences shows us. Perhaps what we […]

Earth and Beyond: A Pictorial Journey

Space, the final frontier, with this pictorial journey we will boldly go where only lucky astronauts and the immense reach of a camera lens have gone before. We will gaze in wonder at some stellar sights, feeling very small in comparison to the vast expanse of space and very proud to be part of a […]

10 Cool Facts About Space Research

This post is a guest contribution by Rachel. 1) International space stations, sent up into space to carry out research, orbit the earth at around 350km high. Passenger aeroplanes only reach around 9km high. 2) We have achieved much in space research: putting a man on the Moon, and exploring Mars. However, there is still […]