Super Crystals in Organic Semiconductors

UA Physicists Discover ‘Super Crystals’ in a Semiconductor. ‘University of Arizona physicists have discovered that “super crystals” – crystals which are hundreds to thousands times larger than conventional crystals – exist in certain organic semiconducting solids. Pure super-crystalline organic semiconductors will conduct electricity much differently than conventional solids. Super-crystalline semiconductors, for example, could create splashes […]

Semiconductors from Liquid Silane

Semiconductors From Liquids. ‘Method enables fabrication of circuit components starting from a liquid silane. A novel semiconductor-processing technique based on a liquid precursor to solid silicon may one day replace traditional vapor-deposition methods for fabricating microelectronic devices. The procedure, developed by researchers in Japan, may enable the use of low-cost ink-jet printing methods to manufacture […]

Semi-Conducting Polymer (Polythiophene)

Chemists work on plastic promise. ‘The invention could eventually slash the cost of flat panel screens and bring electronic paper into common use. The new material can also be laid down using simple printing techniques rather than the expensive and elaborate methods used to process silicon.’ Polymer matches silicon in semi-conductor stakes.

Electron Holes

How to create a crystal made entirely of holes. ‘Computer experiments have revealed that crystal-like structures can be formed entirely from the “holes” left behind as electrons move through a semiconducting material.’