More Articles on ACS vs. PubChem Dispute

The American Chemical Society and NIH’s PubChem: The American Chemical Society (ACS) is calling on Congress to “refocus” and curtail the NIH’s PubChem, a freely accessible database that connects chemical information with biomedical research and clinical information, organizing facts in numerous public databases into a unified whole.1 It is a critical component of NIH’s Molecular […]


The PubChem Project. ‘PubChem contains the chemical structures of small organic molecules and information on their biological activities.’

From Peter Murray-Rust and Henry Rzepa

An Open Statement in Support of NIH/NCBI’s PubChem. ‘We believe that bioscience and healthcare have benefited greatly from the aggregation of and free access to research data such as genomes, protein structures and sequences. Scientists and lay people alike can search the international databases for disease information, and drill down to find the most recent […]

Another Opinion on CAS vs. PubChem Dispute

Damn Those Chemists (link removed). ‘One of the things you have to deal with when you’re a gov docs librarian is the fact that industry never wants information to be free – no matter that it’s paid for by tax dollars (in some cases twice over, when you’ve got state university employees working on federal […]

CAS vs. PubChem again

More on the CAS attempt to shut down PubChem.