The Father of Electricity – Fun Facts About Michael Faraday

When asked “Who is Michael Faraday?” Your likely response would be “Why he is the Father of electricity! A leading chemist and physicist. The founder of electromagnetic induction” and you’d be right of course, but there is much more to Michael Faraday. Read on for five facts about Faraday you may not have known. Faraday […]

The Life of Sir Patrick Moore

On the 9th December 2012, famous astronomer Sir Patrick Moore passed away at age 89. This was a man who was close to the heart of many an amateur astronomer, thanks to the fact that he presented the BBC’s influential programme The Sky at Night for over 50 years, but he was also a man […]

Welcome To The Future Of Molecular Electronics

Electronic devices are on the verge of a breakthrough with the emerging use of nanoscale molecules in the essential components of devices such as computers. New molecular capabilities are being discovered every day, promising a future of smaller and more efficient molecular electronics. This ground-breaking technology has found scientists all over the world looking for […]

What A New Space Race Would Accomplish

With NASA struggling to stay alive and the world mired in economic trouble, interest in astronomy, cosmology and other space-related sciences seems to have waned in the public eye. Yet, the knowledge we glean from space research can help us with practical applications here on Earth, as Huntingdon Life Sciences shows us. Perhaps what we […]

Learn How Gravity Works — Again, as an Adult

I went to a science center exhibit a few weeks ago that had you step on a scale and it showed you how much you weighed on planet Earth (wake-up call that I need to return to the gym), followed by what you’d weigh on each of the other planets. The interactive exhibit explained that […]