CosmosCode: NASA Open Source Software for Space Exploration

CosmosCode Homepage (currently under development) CosmosCode page at NASA CoLab. ‘CosmosCode will build a core offering of free and open source space software through an independent project hosting website, and the development and management of a free software community specific to the challenges and opportunities afforded by space. This community will provide a common access […]

The Croquet Consortium

The Croquet Consortium – An Open Source Software Foundation. ‘Croquet is a powerful new open source software development environment for creating and deploying deeply collaborative multi-user online applications on multiple operating systems and devices. Derived from Squeak, it features a peer-based network architecture that supports communication, collaboration, resource sharing, and synchronous computation between multiple users […]

Finding Chemical Information on the Internet by Rich Apodaca: A Must Read

How to Find Chemical Information on the Internet: Why Open Source, Open Access, and Open Data Matter. ‘The Web may be the most effective information-delivery platform ever created. Unfortunately, a variety of barriers, both technical and cultural, restrict the use of the Web for chemistry. In the last few years, three powerful forces for change […]