Research on Nanowire Sensors

The Road Less Traveled to Nanowire Sensors. ‘When Reg Penner began to think about nanowires, the University of California (UC), Irvine, researcher asked himself what any good electrochemist would: What can I detect with them? The fundamentals of sensing with carbon nanotubes were reported in Science in 2000 by two groups that described changes in […]

Hottest Topic in Physics and Hirsch Index

Hottest topic in physics revealed. ‘Carbon nanotubes are the hottest topic in physics, according to a new way of ranking the popularity of different scientific fields. Nanowires are second, followed by quantum dots, fullerenes, giant magnetoresistance, M-theory and quantum computation. The new ranking has been developed by Michael Banks, a PhD student at the Max […]

Atomic Chain Anchors

Experiments prove existence of atomic chain ‘anchors’. ‘The first-ever proof of the formation of “end states” in atomic chains may help scientists design nanostructures, such as electrical wires made “from the atoms up,” with desired electrical properties.’