Project Tuva: Videos of Historic Feynman Lectures

Microsoft Research and Bill Gates Bring Historic Physics Lectures to Web: Microsoft Research, in collaboration with Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates, today launched Project Tuva, a web site that makes an acclaimed lecture series by the iconic physicist Richard Feynman freely available to the general public for the first time. The lectures, which Feynman originally […]

Microsoft and Drug Discovery: Collaborative Molecular Environment (C-ME)

Microsoft Expands Life Sciences Effort. ‘ Microsoft said Thursday it has struck agreements with several life sciences and software companies to develop and distribute software to help researchers create new drugs. Microsoft said it reached a deal with IO Informatics, a maker of software for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, to commercialize prototype software for visualizing […]

Windows Live Academic Search

Microsoft challenges Google Scholar. ‘Microsoft has launched a rival to Google’s Scholar service, which searches academic information to help students and researchers. The initial beta release of Windows Live Academic Search focuses on computer science, electrical engineering and physics and is available in seven countries.’ Microsoft’s Google Scholar Rival Set to Go Live Microsoft reveals […]

Microsoft Scarfs Down the European Science Community?

Microsoft scarfs down the European science community? Microsoft has just acquired the entire European science community. So it appears, anyway…