Two Cricket Science Experiments for Curious Kids

Most children, especially boys, love playing with insects such as crickets. Why not make learning fun and let them play while also learning a thing or two at the same time? These easy science experiments are both fun and educational too. How to Find a Cricket Half of the fun of playing with crickets is […]

Five Science Experiments to do in Your Kitchen (With Videos!)

You have young children, and you’d like to get them interested in science and the natural world.  You also, of course, want to build fun family memories.  However, chemistry sets are way less interesting than you remember from your childhood, and you’re at a loss.  You’d like some simple projects you can do to demonstrate […]

Academic Conferences: What They Are and Why They Are Important

As you work toward earning your master’s degree or doctorate, you may begin to hear more about academic conferences — or even be asked to attend one. Most academic disciplines, such as industrial organizational psychology, have dedicated organizations that serve as a central source for new research and information, networking and professional development. The associations […]

Best iPad Science Apps for Kids

The iPad is a great resource if you want to supplement your child’s science education. The best way to learn about science is to explore the topic through experiments and hands-on applications. These applications help to bring science to life. You can use them to build your child’s curiosity in science or as a way […]

DocsTeach: Turning Students into Historians

DocsTeach – The National Archive Experience: Find, use, create and share activities using documents from the National Archives. More than 3000 documents are available for use in classroom activities. The National Archives Experience: The National Archives Experience depicts the outstanding national mosaic and tells the stories of the American journey to young and old, scholars […]