7 Tips to Ensure Safety When Working in a Laboratory

DIY Chemistry and Terrorism

Paranoia makes for bad chemistry: Most budding scientists – and many of us ordinary folks, too – owned a chemistry set. It was probably a fold-out metal contraption, with built-in shelves securing rows of small, opaque plastic bottles containing powders and pebbles – some plain, dull white, but others glinting like jewels in shades of […]

Atmospheric-Pressure Thermal Desorption Ionization

Purdue Creates Simpler Alternative For Chemical-Analysis Method. ‘Purdue University researchers have developed a relatively simple alternative to sophisticated techniques now used to ionize materials, a critical step needed for chemical analyses involving instruments called mass spectrometers. Unlike current techniques, the method works at ordinary atmospheric pressure instead of inside a mass spectrometer’s vacuum chamber, and […]

Security Policy for Laboratory Data

Secure it or Lose it. ‘A comprehensive security policy for your organization’s laboratory data can reduce vulnerability to attacks.’

Laboratory Projects

Lab Trends for the Next Five Years. ‘What types of laboratories will be built within the next five years? What will drive these projects? What will their most dominant features be? The outcome to each of these items may very well be dictated by a series of trends driving the current laboratory design climate. Overall, […]