Generating Hydrogen With a Liquid Aluminum-Gallium Alloy

New process generates hydrogen from aluminum alloy to run engines, fuel cells. ‘A Purdue University engineer has developed a method that uses an aluminum alloy to extract hydrogen from water for running fuel cells or internal combustion engines, and the technique could be used to replace gasoline. The method makes it unnecessary to store or […]

Carbenes (CAAC): A Hydrogen-Storage Solution?

UCR Chemists Identify Organic Molecules That Mimic Metals. ‘Molecules may offer solution to storing hydrogen and producing abundant amino compounds for industrial applications. A limitation in using hydrogen as a fuel in hydrogen-powered vehicles is the difficulty involved in storing it in a cost-effective and convenient manner. While it is possible to store hydrogen using […]

GM Presents the New Generation of Hydrogen Fuel Cell E-Flex

General Motors Unveils Second Propulsion System for Chevrolet Volt. ‘E-Flex Hydrogen Fuel Cell Continues Move Toward Electric Drive. GM’s global commitment to developing transportation that reduces oil use and promotes energy diversity continued today at the Shanghai Auto Show with the unveiling of the next iteration of the E-Flex electric architecture, configured with GM’s newest, […]

A New Class of Aluminum-Hydrogen Compounds

Researchers Create New Class of Compounds. ‘Findings may have applications in solid rocket fuel and/or the hydrogen economy. Researchers have synthesized a new class of aluminum-hydrogen compounds with a unique chemistry that could lead to the development of more powerful solid rocket fuel and may also, in time, be useful for hydrogen-powered vehicles or other […]

How to Solve the Hydrogen Storage Problem

Not Hydrogen – Ammonia!: A recent letter to Physics Today, by Sandia National Laboratory scientist Peter J. Feibelman, offers a surprisingly easy path to hydrogen storage: store it as ammonia!