The Father of Electricity – Fun Facts About Michael Faraday

When asked “Who is Michael Faraday?” Your likely response would be “Why he is the Father of electricity! A leading chemist and physicist. The founder of electromagnetic induction” and you’d be right of course, but there is much more to Michael Faraday. Read on for five facts about Faraday you may not have known. Faraday […]

Women of Science: From Medicine to Computer Science

Throughout history, both women and men have made important contributions to all areas of science. Without these contributors, many of the scientific advancements we enjoy today would not be possible. In light of International Women’s Month, below are some of the most notable women of science. Ruth Benedict Benedict was a notable anthropologist who served […]

DocsTeach: Turning Students into Historians

DocsTeach – The National Archive Experience: Find, use, create and share activities using documents from the National Archives. More than 3000 documents are available for use in classroom activities. The National Archives Experience: The National Archives Experience depicts the outstanding national mosaic and tells the stories of the American journey to young and old, scholars […]

How Chemistry can Reveal the Secrets of Ancient Worlds

How Chemistry can Reveal the Secrets of Ancient Worlds: The day-to-day lives of prehistoric humans have been revealed following new research developed by chemists at the University of Bristol. The research, which combines archaeology with cutting-edge chemistry allowing scientists to reconstruct the past, will be presented at the Royal Society’s annual Summer Science Exhibition [30 […]

MendelWeb: All About Gregor Mendel

MendelWeb – An Electronic Science/Math/History Resource for the WWW. ‘MendelWeb was conceived and constructed by Roger B. Blumberg and is an educational resource for teachers and students interested in the origins of classical genetics, introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and the history and literature of science. Constructed around Gregor Mendel’s 1865 paper “Versuche über […]