The Clathrate Gun Hypothesis: How Global Warming Will Really Kill Us All

When you read about the terrible effects of global warming it’s easy to believe it won’t be that bad. Yes, the sea levels will rise 20 feet, but you don’t live near the sea. Sure, there’ll be food and water shortages which could trigger wars, but if you turn on the news now what you […]

Is the Climate Warming or Cooling?

Climate Experts Warn that Short-Term Snapshots of Temperature Data Can Be Misleading: Focus Instead on the Bigger Picture. In the hotly debated arena of global climate change, using short-term trends that show little temperature change or even slight cooling to refute global warming is misleading, write two climate experts in a paper recently published by […]

Carbon Monitoring for Action (CARMA): A Global Carbon Emissions Database

Carbon Monitoring for Action (CARMA). ‘At its core, Carbon Monitoring for Action (CARMA) is a massive database containing information on the carbon emissions of over 50,000 power plants and 4,000 power companies worldwide. Power generation accounts for 40% of all carbon emissions in the United States and about one-quarter of global emissions. CARMA is the […]

Lanthanum-Strontium-Cobalt-Ferric Oxide (LSCF) Tubes Shown to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Ceramic membrane could cut greenhouse gas emissions from power stations. ‘Greenhouse gas emissions from power stations could be cut to almost zero by controlling the combustion process with tiny tubes made from an advanced ceramic material, claims a research team led by Newcastle University today. The material, known as LSCF, has the remarkable property of […]

Clouds on Ethanol as Fuel

Green Fuel’s Dirty Secret. ‘The town of Columbus, Nebraska, bills itself as a “City of Power and Progress.” If Archer Daniels Midland gets its way, that power will be partially generated by coal, one of the dirtiest forms of energy. When burned, it emits carcinogenic pollutants and high levels of the greenhouse gases linked to […]