D2OL Community Helps to Fight Avian Flu

First Computational International Effort to Fight Avian Flu: The Rothberg Institute for Childhood Diseases (TRI), a non-profit research institute devoted to discovering and developing drugs to treat childhood diseases, today announced the release of the first avian influenza target to its Drug Design and Optimization Lab (D2OL) distributed computing project. Anyone with a personal computer […]

Pandemic of Avian Influenza: Mutations of H5N1 Needed

Study Resolves Bird Flu Mystery. ‘Virologists say they understand why bird influenza in its present form does not spread among humans, and the finding suggests the world may have a precious breathing space to prepare for any flu pandemic.’ Bird Flu Hides Deep in the Lungs. Study suggests why bird flu slow to infect humans.

Where’s George? Helps With the Flu

Dollars Reveal How Flu Could Spread. ‘A popular Internet site that tracks the movement of dollar bills has helped spur new thinking about how to prepare defenses against a feared pandemic of killer influenza.’ Scientists uncover destructive bird flu gene as Canada ramps up pandemic plans. U.N. Urges Fast Planning for Bird Flu.