Two Cricket Science Experiments for Curious Kids

Most children, especially boys, love playing with insects such as crickets. Why not make learning fun and let them play while also learning a thing or two at the same time? These easy science experiments are both fun and educational too. How to Find a Cricket Half of the fun of playing with crickets is […]

The Father of Electricity – Fun Facts About Michael Faraday

When asked “Who is Michael Faraday?” Your likely response would be “Why he is the Father of electricity! A leading chemist and physicist. The founder of electromagnetic induction” and you’d be right of course, but there is much more to Michael Faraday. Read on for five facts about Faraday you may not have known. Faraday […]

Five Science Experiments to do in Your Kitchen (With Videos!)

You have young children, and you’d like to get them interested in science and the natural world.  You also, of course, want to build fun family memories.  However, chemistry sets are way less interesting than you remember from your childhood, and you’re at a loss.  You’d like some simple projects you can do to demonstrate […]

7 Tips to Ensure Safety When Working in a Laboratory

Science Fair Projects on Plants with Aspirin

Before we begin, you need background information for your science fair experiment. Aspirin, also called, acetylsalicylic acid, is a pharmaceutical drug that is in the family of salicylates (salicylic acid – SA). It is a colorless crystalline organic acid and is used in synthesis and is a plant hormone. SA is a phytohormone and is […]