10 Things You Need To Know About REACH Compliance

REACH is designed to protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals and things made from them. They are European-wide regulations, affecting an incredibly diverse range of substances, goods and products. Some companies will have no doubt that they need to take action to comply with REACH, but others will be confused […]

Measuring the Impossible

Measuring the Impossible: A NEST PATHFINDER Initiative (PDF). ‘The progress of scientific discovery goes hand-in-hand with the developments of technologies and instrumentation for measurement and analysis. The practical challenge facing scientists nowadays is often to ‘measure the impossible’. This initiative is about supporting interdisciplinary research and novel investigative methods that could present prospects for advancing […]

Sequencing the Genome of Neanderthals

The human family tree explored. ‘It sounds as though it came out of the pages of a science fiction book or from the mind of Steven Spielberg. But as is often the case, reality is where all the action is and this time it’s happening in Leipzig, Germany. There, scientists from the Max Planck Institute […]

Astroparticle Physics in Europe: Six Key Challenges Identified

Astrophysicists draw up wish list. ‘Astroparticle physicists in Europe have identified six key challenges that they face and the new facilities that they need to meet their research aims. Their plans for the next ten years have been outlined in The Astroparticle Physics Roadmap Phase 1 published by ApPEC and ASPERA, which are consortia of […]

Career Opportunities for Researchers: EURAXESS

CORDIS ERA-Link – European Researchers Abroad. ‘ERA-Link is a networking tool for European researchers in the US. It provides information about research in Europe, European research policy, opportunities for research funding, for international collaboration and for trans-national mobility. Membership is free. The objective of ERA-Link is a flourishing network of European researchers, scientists and scholars […]