Cellulosic Ethanol on Wired Magazine

Cellulosic Ethanol: One Molecule Could Cure Our Addiction to Oil. ‘On a blackboard, it looks so simple: Take a plant and extract the cellulose. Add some enzymes and convert the cellulose molecules into sugars. Ferment the sugar into alcohol. Then distill the alcohol into fuel. One, two, three, four — and we’re powering our cars […]

Economist Article on Biofuels

Economist: Ethanol, schmethanol. ‘Everyone seems to think that ethanol is a good way to make cars greener. Everyone is wrong. SOMETIMES you do things simply because you know how to. People have known how to make ethanol since the dawn of civilisation, if not before. Take some sugary liquid. Add yeast. Wait. They have also […]

Dark Clouds on Ethanol as Fuel Again

Clearing the air on ethanol. ‘New research predicts that E85 vehicle emissions could cause just as many deaths as gasoline, or more. When Mark Jacobson heard a venture capitalist tout ethanol fuel as a solution to air pollution last year, he was surprised—and intrigued. Jacobson, an atmospheric chemist at Stanford University, knew that air quality […]

New Distillation Process Improves Energy Efficiency of Corn Ethanol Production

Carnegie Mellon Engineers Devise New Process To Improve Energy Efficiency of Ethanol Production. ‘Carnegie Mellon University chemical engineers have devised a new process that can improve the efficiency of ethanol production, a major component in making biofuels a significant part of the U.S. energy supply. Carnegie Mellon researchers have used advanced process-design methods combined with […]

Prairie Grasses Biofuel: An Alternative to Corn Ethanol

Back to the future: Prairie grasses emerge as rich energy source. ‘With shrinking glaciers and other signs of global warming upon us, the search is on for alternative fuels to stem the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This week a new contender burst on the scene: diverse mixtures of […]