How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Work?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the earth. It is a prime component in water, and can be found in almost every natural compound on the planet. Furthermore, hydrogen has the potential to release impressive amounts of energy. In fact, one of the most destructive weapons ever created—the hydrogen bomb—has a blast equivalent of […]

Internal Combustion Engine Basics

The internal combustion engine as we know it today is the result of hundreds of years of technological development. From primitive crankshaft machines in the 3rd century, to the advanced six-stroke engines of today, the internal combustion engine represents man’s ongoing quest to make the world around him an easier place to live in. What […]

The Clathrate Gun Hypothesis: How Global Warming Will Really Kill Us All

When you read about the terrible effects of global warming it’s easy to believe it won’t be that bad. Yes, the sea levels will rise 20 feet, but you don’t live near the sea. Sure, there’ll be food and water shortages which could trigger wars, but if you turn on the news now what you […]

Infographic: Sustainable Technology

Recently the Chinese government published a white paper stating the current status and possible future outcome of its rare earth minerals industry – it wasn’t good news. There are several huge challenges that face the industry and need to be rectified in the near future if we want to continue to use rare earth minerals. […]

Precycling – Rethinking the Way We Live

What is Precycling? Most of us understand the concept of recycling and have started to incorporate it into our daily lives – but what exactly is precycling? Well, it’s the practice of reducing waste by creating and using fewer items that have to be recycled. Why is this important? It’s important to remember that when […]