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If you could teach the world just one thing… ‘2005 – announced as Einstein Year – marks the centenary of the publication of Albert Einstein’s equation E = mc2. To mark this occasion, Sandy Starr at spiked and science communicator Alom Shaha have conducted a survey of over 250 renowned scientists, science communicators, and educators […]

Einstein’s Nobel Prize

Albert Einstein: The Nobel Prize in Physics 1921. ‘For his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.’

Gravitational Waves

Observing Einstein’s Gravitational Waves. ‘A hundred years ago, Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity. The joint ESA-NASA “LISA” mission hopes to detect gravitational waves in space.’ Direct link to ESA News article.


Albert Einstein Archives.

Dominique François Jean Arago

The man who inspired Einstein. ‘As the centenary of Einstein’s historic theories is celebrated, Marcus Chown pays homage to a lesser-known scientist, whose work paved the way for the greatest mind of the modern age.’