BPA in Plastics: Environmentalist Straw-Man?

The plastics industry makes BPA, which is the abbreviation for bisphenol A. This plastics substance has been used since the 1950s for, as Marianne Smith Edge, the International Food Information Council’s Senior Vice President of Nutrition and Food Safety, says, preventing “the corrosion of cans…It’s used to prevent contamination of foods…BPA packaging [serves] as an […]

Infographic: Sustainable Technology

Recently the Chinese government published a white paper stating the current status and possible future outcome of its rare earth minerals industry – it wasn’t good news. There are several huge challenges that face the industry and need to be rectified in the near future if we want to continue to use rare earth minerals. […]

Facts About The Moon!

Moon facts, we all know a few. However, there are many facts about the moon that you might not know about. Relative to the size of the planet it orbits, the moon is actually the largest satellite in our solar system. It’s roughly one-quarter of the diameter of earth. On size alone there are actually […]

International Year of Planet Earth

International Year of Planet Earth. ‘The International Year of Planet Earth aims to ensure greater and more effective use by society of the knowledge accumulated by the world’s 400,000 Earth scientists. The Year’s ultimate goal of helping to build safer, healthier and wealthier societies around the globe is expressed in the Year’s subtitle ‘Earth science […]

Birds Wanted: Looking for Photos of Critically Endangered Species

Rare Birds Yearbook 2008. ‘The first edition of Rare Birds Yearbook will be published in association with BirdLife International in October 2007. The purpose of the book is to put focus on the most endangered species in the world – their current situation, future prospects and what can be done to save them for coming […]