How to Make Biofuels From Anything Organic

Boon For Biofuels – New projects seek to create energy from a range of renewable feedstocks. ‘Chemical and biotechnology companies have announced a flurry of initiatives aimed at creating fuels and other forms of energy from a wide variety of biomass sources. The projects seek to turn everything from algae to manure to oil seeds […]

New Distillation Process Improves Energy Efficiency of Corn Ethanol Production

Carnegie Mellon Engineers Devise New Process To Improve Energy Efficiency of Ethanol Production. ‘Carnegie Mellon University chemical engineers have devised a new process that can improve the efficiency of ethanol production, a major component in making biofuels a significant part of the U.S. energy supply. Carnegie Mellon researchers have used advanced process-design methods combined with […]

New Technologies to Convert Cellulosic Biomass into Biofuels (Cellulosic Ethanol)

DuPont, Chevron Aim To Advance Cellulosic Ethanol. ‘Chemical producers and their partners take steps to bring ethanol derived from crop wastes to market. DuPont and Chevron separately announced joint ventures this week that are designed to advance the development of renewable transportation fuels by bringing cost-effective cellulosic ethanol to market. DuPont and ethanol producer Broin […]

Corn, Ethanol, Gasoline and Hydrogen

Ethanol Grows as Gas Alternative. ‘Workers are clearing Iowa fields, hoping that if they build it, cars will come. The “it” is a processing plant that turns corn into ethanol, a fuel that is increasingly replacing gasoline today and may help to power the fuel-cell vehicles of tomorrow.’