Top 3 Most Exciting Innovations in Green Technology

With the continuing challenges we face as a result of climate change, the world’s greatest minds are constantly coming up with new ways to reduce carbon emissions as well as make the most of existing energy. If we are to avert climactic disaster, it could be that the solutions are discovered at the ARPA-E (Advanced […]

What A New Space Race Would Accomplish

With NASA struggling to stay alive and the world mired in economic trouble, interest in astronomy, cosmology and other space-related sciences seems to have waned in the public eye. Yet, the knowledge we glean from space research can help us with practical applications here on Earth, as Huntingdon Life Sciences shows us. Perhaps what we […]

Scientific Ideas That Seemed Crazy at the Time

By its very nature, science seeks to challenge. It asks brave questions, and comes up with answers that may seem ridiculous. Sometimes, those answers are not ridiculous, but become part of common knowledge, accepted by all. Here are just some of those ideas: 1) The Earth being round The ancient Greeks were the first to […]

ESA Reports on Biofuels and Sustainability

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) published four Biofuels and Sustainability Reports. Biofuels, generally defined as liquid fuels derived from biological materials, can be made from plants, vegetable oils, forest products, or waste materials. The raw materials can be grown specifically for fuel purposes, or can be the residues or wastes of existing supply and […]

Is the Climate Warming or Cooling?

Climate Experts Warn that Short-Term Snapshots of Temperature Data Can Be Misleading: Focus Instead on the Bigger Picture. In the hotly debated arena of global climate change, using short-term trends that show little temperature change or even slight cooling to refute global warming is misleading, write two climate experts in a paper recently published by […]