C&EN on Vitamin B-12 Mystery

Vitamin B-12 Mystery Is Solved. ‘Enzyme structure reveals that one vitamin is cannibalized to make another. By capturing the structure of the sole missing link in its biosynthesis, scientists have solved a long-standing mystery surrounding vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 is one of the largest of the known nonpolymeric natural products. Its biosynthesis is well-understood, with […]

Using Force to Make Molecules more Reactive

A Novel Way of Doing Chemistry. ‘Researchers have shown that they can use mechanical force to make a molecule more reactive. By tugging on two sides of a specially designed molecule, chemists have been able to change its shape so that it becomes much more reactive. The researchers were able to control the reactivity of […]

Glass: What is it?

Fact or Fiction?: Glass Is a (Supercooled) Liquid. Are medieval windows melting?. ‘In medieval European cathedrals, the glass sometimes looks odd. Some panes are thicker at the bottom than they are at the top. The seemingly solid glass appears to have melted. This is evidence, say tour guides, Internet rumors and even high school chemistry […]

TORVS Services

TORVS (Techniques for Organic Reactions, Visualization and Sprectroscopy) Services. ‘This collection of pages consists of demonstrators and research prototypes for Internet-based chemical information services. The unique feature common to them is that they are providing active contents. This means, they are not yet another collection of links or text pages but interfaces to computational and […]