Dipositronium: The Matter-Antimatter Molecule

Matter-antimatter molecule makes its debut. ‘The first ever molecule made from matter-antimatter pairs has been created by physicists in the US. Dubbed “dipositronium”, it contains two electrons and two positrons that are bound together in much the same way as molecular hydrogen. The researchers claim that their technique could be improved to make the first […]

What Does an Unparticle Look Like? What is an unparticle?

The hunt for unparticles is on. ‘When the Large Hadron Collider turns on next year, most physicists will be scouring the high-energy data for new particles such as the Higgs boson. Not Howard Georgi of Harvard University in the US, though – he says he is on the look out for a new type of […]

Using Bosons to Test String Theory

Theoretical Physicists Develop Test for String Theory. ‘For decades, many scientists have criticized string theory, pointing out that it does not make predictions by which it can be tested. Now, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University; the University of California, San Diego; and The University of Texas at Austin have developed a test of string theory. […]