3 Great Blogs for Science Teachers

Science is not just interesting, but fun. Here are three great blogs that explain and explore science in a way that everyone will find interesting. Things I Won’t Work With This is the blog of a drug discovery chemist as he describes all the most dangerous and horrible chemicals in existence. From chlorine azide, to […]

Scientific American on Science 2.0: An Experiment

Science 2.0: Great New Tool, or Great Risk?: Wikis, blogs and other collaborative web technologies could usher in a new era of science. Or not. ‘Welcome to a Scientific American experiment in “networked journalism,” in which readers—you—get to collaborate with the author to give a story its final form. The article is a particularly apt […]

Birds Wanted: Looking for Photos of Critically Endangered Species

Rare Birds Yearbook 2008. ‘The first edition of Rare Birds Yearbook will be published in association with BirdLife International in October 2007. The purpose of the book is to put focus on the most endangered species in the world – their current situation, future prospects and what can be done to save them for coming […]

The Move is Complete

The move is now complete! After this I will be changing only “minor” details. Please let me know if you detect any errors or inconsistencies. Thanks. I will restart posting very soon.

Moving from TypePad to WordPress

In the last few days, I’ve been preparing the move of this blog from TypePad to WordPress. I hope everything will be OK soon, but expect some turbulence around here in the next few days. I will post again after setting everything up.