Top 5 Swimming Pool-Maintenance Apps

Proper pool and spa maintenance is an exact process that requires attention to detail on a regular basis. This is why it is necessary for most pool owners to hire a “pool guy” who can visit periodically and ensure the pH levels of the water are properly balanced and the right amount of chlorine is […]

Hormone Sensitive Bacterias

Engineered E. coli may lead to new drugs, detect pollutants. ‘Bacteria that respond to human hormones – the body’s chemical messengers – may enable the discovery of new treatments for hormone-related medical problems, including thyroid disease and some forms of breast cancer. Developed by Princeton chemical engineers, the sensitive bugs also may detect hormone-mimicking pollutants, […]

Integrated Microfluidic Platform for Oral Diagnostics (IMPOD): A Lab-On-A-Chip to Analyze Saliva

Saliva-Based Diagnostic Tools on the Horizon. ‘Imagine this scenario at a dental checkup in your future: After settling you in the examination chair and fastening a paper bib around your neck, the dental assistant draws a sample of your saliva with a sterile pipette. Then, while your dentist performs your oral exam and the hygienist […]

SPOT-NOSED: Biosensor (“Electronic Nose”) Detects Diseases

Hi-Tech Nose Sniffs Out Disease. ‘Doctors in the future may sniff patients with an electronic “nose” to detect telltale odors released as a result of disease and various other health conditions. The technology replicates — even improves on — human and other animal olfactory systems, according to a recent announcement made by the European Union […]

Carbon Quantum Dots

Carbon-based quantum dots could mean ‘greener,’ safer technology in medicine and biology. ‘Chemists at Clemson University say they have developed a new type of quantum dot that is the first to be made from carbon. Like their metal-based counterparts, these nano-sized “carbon dots” glow brightly when exposed to light and show promise for a broad […]