Birds Wanted: Looking for Photos of Critically Endangered Species

Rare Birds Yearbook 2008. ‘The first edition of Rare Birds Yearbook will be published in association with BirdLife International in October 2007. The purpose of the book is to put focus on the most endangered species in the world – their current situation, future prospects and what can be done to save them for coming […]

All Species in One Place: The Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life. ‘Comprehensive, collaborative, ever-growing, and personalized, the Encyclopedia of Life is an ecosystem of websites that makes all key information about life on Earth accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our goal is to create a constantly evolving encyclopedia that lives on the Internet, with contributions from scientists and amateurs alike. […]

Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL)

Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL). ‘Ten major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions have joined to form the Biodiversity Heritage Library Project. The group is developing a strategy and operational plan to digitize the published literature of biodiversity held in their respective collections. This literature will be available through a global “biodiversity commons”. […]

Evolution, Science and Society

Evolution, Science and Society: Evolutionary Biology and the National Research Agenda (PDF).