Proton Therapy

For certain types of cancer, standard X-ray radiation therapy may work well; but proton therapy may do the job better, more efficiently and with less potential for collateral damage to surrounding tissue and vital organs. Also known as particle therapy, proton therapy works to kill certain types of cancerous tissue, especially in places in the […]

On the Road to an Antitumor Vaccine

Polymeric Nanoparticles for Tumor Vaccines. ‘The quest for an effective antitumor vaccine has received a boost from the results of work aimed at developing a nanoparticle that delivers tumor antigens to the immune system cells that trigger antibody production. The results of this effort, led by Shinsaku Nakagawa, Ph.D., and Naoki Okada, Ph.D., of Osaka […]

Using Dendrimers to Detect Apoptosis of Cancer Cells

Sensing Cancer Cell Death with Dendrimers. ‘Taking a critical step toward the development of a multifunctional nanoscale anticancer agent that can detect cancer, treat it, and then report on the success or failure of that treatment, investigators at the University of Michigan have developed a nanoscale sensor of cell death. This sensor is built on […]