Cleaning Contamined Water and Purifying Hydrogen with Aerogels

New aerogels could clean contaminated water, purify hydrogen for fuel cells. ‘Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have identified a new technique for cleansing contaminated water and potentially purifying hydrogen for use in fuel cells, thanks to the discovery of a innovative type of porous material. Argonne materials scientists Peter Chupas […]

High-Strength Ultra-Light Carbon Nanotubes Aerogels

Penn Physicists Develop a Carbon Nanotube Aeroegel Optimizing Strength, Shape and Conductivity. ‘Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have created low-density aerogels made from carbon nanotubes, CNTs, that are capable of supporting 8,000 times their own weight. The new material also combines the strength and ultra-light, heat-insulating properties of aerogels with the electrical conductivity of […]


A Solid That’s Light as Air. ‘If you wanted to catch a few particles of comet dust speeding through the vacuum of space at 6 kilometers per second – without damaging or destroying those particles – how would you do it? Faced with exactly this problem, scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory focused on aerogel […]

Particle Impact

This NASA handout image shows a particle impact on the aluminum frame that holds the aerogel tiles from the Stardust collector grid. From: Yahoo Science Photos (AFP/NASA/JPL-HO/File)