Super Crystals in Organic Semiconductors

UA Physicists Discover ‘Super Crystals’ in a Semiconductor. ‘University of Arizona physicists have discovered that “super crystals” – crystals which are hundreds to thousands times larger than conventional crystals – exist in certain organic semiconducting solids.
Pure super-crystalline organic semiconductors will conduct electricity much differently than conventional solids. Super-crystalline semiconductors, for example, could create splashes of current on electrical contacts, even in a uniform electric field, say UA physicist Andrei Lebed and graduate student Si Wu.

If experiments do confirm Lebed’s and Wu’s results, the novel, exotic solid phase in organic semiconductors promises important technological applications. Such semiconductors will conduct electricity in novels ways. Another striking feature of the super-crystalline semiconductor is that its period and electronic properties might be tuned by changing the strength of the external magnetic field, Lebed said.’

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