SPOT-NOSED: Biosensor (“Electronic Nose”) Detects Diseases

Hi-Tech Nose Sniffs Out Disease. ‘Doctors in the future may sniff patients with an electronic “nose” to detect telltale odors released as a result of disease and various other health conditions. The technology replicates — even improves on — human and other animal olfactory systems, according to a recent announcement made by the European Union Information Society’s Technologies Program. The mechanical sniffer, currently undergoing development and testing as part of a project called SPOT-NOSED, could dramatically change how doctors diagnose illness.’

SPOT-NOSED Nanobiosensors For Doctors. ‘The SPOT-NOSED (Single Protein Nanobiosensor Grid Array) project will ultimately result in “electronic noses” to help doctors detect and identify problems by odor. The project was financed by the European Commission’s FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) initiative. The nanobiosensors are constructed by placing a layer of olfactory receptor proteins from animal noses on a microelectrod; by measuring the reaction when the proteins come in contact with odorant molecules, the system can detect odorants in concentrations that humans would miss altogether.’

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